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Where to play basketball in Figueira da Foz



Figueiredo’s best street-basket spots

Figueira da Foz has always been a fertile ground for basketball, a sport that set up camp in the first half of the 20th century and that boosted remarkable collectivities such as Sporting Clube Figueirense, Naval 1º de Maio, Caras Direitas or, above all, Ginásio Clube Figueirense, clubs that participated or still participate in major national competitions and, above all, that trained thousands of children and young people from Figueira da Foz in the “beautiful art” of the ball to the basket.

As a traditionally more urban sport worldwide, it is not surprising that, here too, both the clubs and their sports structures and the public street courts are concentrated on the city perimeter. If you are a visitor or a resident, you are in town and want to hit some balls, you don’t have to walk far, as the offer is rich and varied, as you can see in this list, based on physical visits to the sites for a more objective assessment of their conditions.

Basketball is, in fact, ingrained in the DNA of Figueira da Foz. We would not say that it is the king sport of the municipality, where other sports have also gained notoriety for decades. Soccer and beach soccer, nautical sports, tennis, athletics or even chess, but above all in the urban area, basketball has a special place in the hearts of the people of Figueiredo, and it is no coincidence that the only Portuguese athlete in the WNBA comes from Figueiredo. Figueira da Fozhaving grown up playing on the city’s street pitches. Yes, street courts, because in Figueira da Foz basketball is a popular and accessible sport. All it takes is will and a ball.

So, for basketball lovers, here’s a list of public basketball courts in the county, including some “honorable mentions” to equipment that can hardly be considered “basketball courts”, limited to a table and a small platform for hitting and throwing.


The doyen of the street basketball courts of the Figueira da Foz, has been the subject of major improvement and beautification actions, on the occasion of homage to Ticha Penicheiro, the first Portuguese woman to make a career in the WNBA, a native of Figueira and one of thousands of young people who have practiced the sport freely for generations. Campo das Traseiras is so called because it is located in a wooded square completely surrounded by buildings, which makes it more sheltered from the glances or strong winds that are common on this coast.

In an excellent state of conservation and with modern equipment, the Traseiras Court is very frequented mainly by young athletes from local clubs, or by veteran basketballers, being an iconic court full of stories, where the best national athletes once passed.

It hosts the Traseiras Tournament every year, which in 2022 will go to the 4th edition, to be held on August 27 and 28.

Basketball court Traseiras Figueira da Foz
Basketball court Traseiras Figueira da Foz


Also located in a discreet and sheltered place, this court is one of the sports facilities of the Campo de Jogos da Cerâmica, at the back of Rua da Cerâmica. The enclosure offers a beautiful green setting, at the northern top of the so-called Vale do Galante, a narrow grassy park that stretches down to near the beach. It is a favorite spot for many local amateur basketballers, who prefer a quieter location in the city center.

Basketball Camp Cerâmica Figueira da Foz


The Abadias Park – or simply “the Abadias”, as the locals refer to it – is undoubtedly the city’s great green lung. Running through the center of the city from the Camping Park almost to the river, the Abbeys are not only a refreshing place to stroll or “picnic”, but also present several leisure and sports options for all tastes. Between these facilities we find two small street basketball courts, paralleled on a cement slab in reasonable condition. The setting is refreshing, central and quiet, and the pitches are well frequented by families and children, but also by many casual players, although not so much by teams.

Basketball Camp Abadias Figueira da Foz
Basketball Camp Abadias Figueira da Foz


In the middle of Praia da Claridade – a vast sandy beach in front of the city of Figueira da Foz – this camp is unbeatable mainly for its panoramic setting. Playing with a view of the sea and the mountains, especially at sunset, is a luxury that deserves a trip to experience the (good) tables. In the summer, however, late afternoon or early morning are really the most advisable times and it’s not just because of the views, given the lack of shade or greenery around the court, the heat on the court can be scorching. In that case, the Abbeys or Ceramics will be better options. The camp does, however, benefit from easy access to drinking water and public toilets, as well as all the amenities of Figueira da Foz‘s waterfront avenue, just five meters away.

Basketball Court Figueira da Foz Beach


Also in excellent condition, this street court is almost entirely similar to the field of Praia da Figueira da Foz, and Praia de Buarcos is the continuity of this urban sandy beach. A magnificent setting and little shade basically describe this field, which also benefits from having water, changing rooms and shops right next door.

Basketball Court Figueira da Foz Beach


The only complete street basketball court we could find on the south bank of the Mondego in the municipality of Figueira da Foz, is located in the small multi-sports complex of the Cova Beach, parish of St. Peter’sIt is located on the beach, along with other sports and leisure facilities and right next to the beach, which offers a great view. There are no changing rooms or water point, but there are cafés nearby.

Basketball Camp Praia Cova Gala Figueira da Foz


Half a basketball court, with only one table, in poor condition but enough to hit some balls, shoot at the basket or play “garrafão” in small groups or individually, to “kill the addiction”. It is highly recommended mainly for the magnificent green context of the Parque de Merendas da Cova Gala – or São Pedro, the name of the local parish. Ideal for family picnics and get-togethers, the densely wooded park has other small soccer or volleyball fields, as well as access to water and public toilets, and is a few hundred meters from the beach.

Cova Gala Park Basketball Court Figueira da Foz


Another midfield, this time right on the beach, with a magnificent panorama over the sea and the north coast, Figueira da Foz and Serra da Boa Viagem. The structure is not in good condition, but it is enough to hit some balls alone or with friends, if you are bathing in this beautiful beach of the Lavos Coast, excellent spot for kitesurfers.

Basket Lavos Figueira da Foz Basketball Court


“Entrenched” between the Cavalo Amigo Equestrian Center and the Lares BMX Track, the Lares Urban Park offers, among other facilities, a basketball court almost to the premiere, with a tartan floor in excellent condition and a pair of classic wooden tables. The dimensions are smaller than a normal basketball court and the markings are impeccable, with only one drawback: there is no 3-point line, so this will not be the most suitable court for the Curry’s of this life. The venue is discreet and not visible from the road, so anyone unfamiliar with the area may want to plan their walk. It has public toilets with water.

Basketball Camp Lares Figueira da Foz


Long gone are the days when the old dirt field on Billerud Street was a training ground for national champions. Times have changed and today basketball is played a little further down the road, in a renovated sports park where soccer and basketball share the same physical space.
The floor is cement and the markings are in poor condition, although visible.
Who knows, maybe new champions will emerge from here?

Basketball Court Bairro da Celbi Figueira da Foz


The 1980s saw the birth of another mythical basketball court right in the center of the city, in a quiet residential area, surrounded by pleasant green space, even if underused.
It used to have 6 tables, today there are two left. The floor was not very inviting to falls and, even if it is not pleasant to fall on the renewed “platform” (in cement), today it will cause less pain than in the past. Despite the wear and tear, the markings are there to invite the most demanding duels, although the proximity to the wall and the nets requires some caution.

Basketball Court Bairro do cruzeiro Figueira da Foz


Within the so-called Bairro da Quinta do Paço neighborhood of Tavarede, this course is reasonably well marked and has decent tables that have seen better days. The flooring is also acceptable, although it is shared with a soccer pitch. The multi-sport facility does not see heavy use, so your basketball should not be too disrupted.

Site collected within a residential area, with no public baths or water point, although there are cafés nearby.

Basketball Court Quinta do Paço Figueira da Foz


The Quiaios Beach needs no introduction, a bathing destination of excellence for those who like more tranquility by the sea, what will perhaps be less known is the Sports Field inside the village, which includes an excellent basketball court for everyone’s enjoyment, being one of the best options for ball aficionados to the basket in the north of the county.

The lack of shade on the court is compensated for by the magnificent landscape of the Serra da Boa Viagem and the proximity to the beach, just a hundred meters away and ideal for a swim after a match. The complex also offers a beach volleyball court, a five-a-side soccer pitch and two tennis courts, all with synthetic flooring still in good condition. The context is residential and rather quiet, at the back of a block of bars and restaurants.

When it comes to basketball itself, this Dr. Santana Lopes Sports Park has all the equipment and markings in excellent condition, including the metal tables. We did not see a water point or shower room, although there are some nearby.


Small sports ground in the upper part of Buarcos, in the neighborhood of Nossa Senhora da Encarnação, with a 5-a-side soccer field where they installed a table and the markings of a “garrafão”.

Excellent for practicing your throws, enjoying a superb view over the bay and the houses of Figueira da Foz below. Top marks for location. Synthetic flooring and equipment in good condition, but no water point or changing rooms.


To the north of Serra da Boa Viagem, there is also the possibility of the Ferreira-a-Nova uncovered multi-sport facility, which includes a 5-a-side soccer, tennis and basketball court, combined on synthetic flooring and with equipment in good condition.

With no water point or changing rooms, the sports complex is set in a rural and green context, a little away from the parish seat but next to the refreshing Lagoa das Queridas picnic park, where there is water and toilets.



Buarcos Beach

The large bay between Cape Mondego and the mouth of the river draws a charming curve, reminiscent of the most laughing and sweet gulfs of the Mediterranean.

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