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The magnificent Rua das Árvores in Figueira da Foz



Rua da Liberdade, which people from Figueira da Foz call the suggestive and undeniable Rua das Árvores (Trees Street) is an important artery in the city of Figueira da Foz, and at the same time one of the most popular, providing pleasant and subtle sensations along its entire pedestrian route.

We therefore suggest, dear reader, that you give your vehicle a rest (next to the Coliseum Figueirense will be a good space for this), and approach the northern top of “Rua da Liberdade”, which once bore the name of Rua da Inauguração (Inauguration Street)which unequivocally marked the brand new Santa Catharina neighborhood (1869), better known today as the Bairro Novo (New Neighborhood).

Before we start walking – just under 500 meters – take your time at the busy intersection that marks our starting point. If you look north, you’ll see the unmistakable outline of the Serra da Boa Viagem; and as soon as you reach the end of the street, you’ll be able to see the Mondego reaching the Atlantic and much of the south coast of the municipality.
It’s just one of the many singularities of Rua das Árvores .

The corners at the northern intersection of the street also offer two noteworthy establishments. Between Rua Luís Carriço and Rua da Fonte, the brothers Alexandre and Rui run the Talho da Fonte with extreme friendliness, a real source of good meat and a better mood (“Is this enough for lunch??“).
On the opposite corner, Li is the main face of a small neighborhood grocery store, stocked with great fruit all year round, which we’ve already talked about in the article Where to do your market shopping in Figueira da Foz .

We can now start our tour.
Not after all! It is almost impossible to escape the work of art that literally turns the corner of the Rua da Fonte with “ours” Rua das ÁrvoresStranger Things, by Gonçalo Mar – one of the many pieces of urban art that Figueira da Foz has been receiving for the last decade or so.

On the opposite side of the street, Studio Cento Eleven is a modern hairdresser that combines the art of cutting and styling with tattoo and body piercing services.

Now we start our journey down the street.
You’ll soon realize that the trees gracefully adorn the urban landscape, on both sides of the street. Above all, you’ll find plane trees, while some Acers are also present, but in a more modest way.

Exercise your neck. Look at the contrasts between the foliage of the trees and the beautiful buildings that have been regaining their aesthetic integrity for some time now, the result of a policy of urban regeneration worthy of note.

Continuing our journey south, on the left we find the quirky and beautiful Puzzle Suites B&B (Booking rating 9.2), local accommodation housed in a centuries-old building. Inside you will discover “one of the most selective collections of puzzles in the world“. MeetFigueirafound a testimony that promises good experiences

“Several options for breakfast. Good location, close to restaurants and the Clock Beach. I really liked the decoration of the hotel. We were very well received by Mr. Pedro, who was friendly and available for any need.”

Rua das Árvores runs the length of the touristy Bairro Novo, making it the perfect place to open your shop windows to passers-by. As you walk down the street, you’ll come across new shops that deserve a mention.
On the corner of Maestro David de Sousa – a street that flows into Praia do Relógio and acts as a “halfwaypoint” to access the Sweet Atlantic, Mercure and Universal Boutique Hotels – you’ll find the Cassata once a popular ice cream parlour, now specializes in decorative pastries.
A dozen steps away, the cafeteria A Pharmácia has found its place in the hearts of a more mature public, who seek the tranquillity of a space that perfectly combines a sheltered and comfortable interior with a simple but functional terrace.

Its neighbor Baya & Co, an açaí store, is gradually winning over a young crowd, who flock there for small, healthy meals.

At the intersection with Rua Dr. Calado, home to the elegant Hotel Wellington and the pifas and their Pifo, Coloquial Petisqueira do Bairro, in a space once occupied by the iconic Bazaar 101, there is a new concept storeArt – which offers image and style consultancy.

The offers continue, now in the form of a 24-hour self-service store – Spot24h – for circumstantial afflictions, or in the form of a baby supply store (Poti Poti), or appealing to the sense of smell, in the case of Balvera Perfumeries.

Previously, the Fify-Two bar, which has already been the subject of our attentionhas already been the subject of our attention here, excels in the craft of encouraging socializing over a glass of wine.

It’s time, then, to reach Cândido dos Reis, which runs slenderly from the Municipal Garden until it meets our Rua das Árvores . To get here, it first made an appointment with Casino Figueira and the entire pedestrian zone of the so-called Picadeiro, ground zero for nightlife(Havanesa, Anarkia Pub, The Fogg Pub), with gastronomic fare such as the excellent pizzas at Pizzaria Luzzo or the pregos and matured meats at Pregaria do Bairro, and the virtuous forays into fashion at Plano B.

Before we head south, we’d like to make a point of mentioning our historic friend Restaurante Bijou, which continues to serve magnificent meals, and the always helpful Sandra Mortágua, with her Throttleman.
In good English, there are new barbers in town! Their names are Barber Club 31 and Barbeiro Bravo, neighbors of another Tattoo Studio, Actilus.

Just opposite, if you look closely, you’ll find beautiful Art Nouveau details. The Hotel Ibis building is a magnificent example, with colorful tile designs and cast-iron details on the balconies, so characteristic of the Belle Époque.

Before we finish the descent, on the opposite side, no. 3, with its exemplary recent renovation, is on the street, also as a kind of choice and appreciation on Figueira da Foz’s Art Nouveau Route.

We are also pleased to note the presence of the O Rastro gallery, hosting important works by young and established Portuguese artists, which we have already talked about here and which undoubtedly deserves a more careful visit.

We’re slowly heading towards the end of our journey, full of worthwhile notes, justifying, here and there, longer stops. We must warn that many trees have been “swallowed up” in the name of progress. We urgently need to reverse the trend by planting more than cutting. Rua das Árvores should represent this unquestionable example of urban sustainability to the public.

Let’s celebrate the triumphant arrival at the finish line, supported by the Tennis Club Figueira da Foz, and looking out over the Mondego, which flows peacefully on its way to the sea. In the background, you can see the beaches of Cabedelo and Cabedelinho.

If you turn left, you’ll get a free tour of the Municipal Market and Municipal Garden. To the right, you will find the imposing Silva Guimarães Esplanade and the entire wide promenade, so conducive to walks from Figueira to Buarcos, on foot or by bicycle (there are Figas ready to ride right next to the Clock Tower).

Before saying goodbye to Rua das Árvores we recommend a quick look to the left and to the right. You will realize that there could be no better tribute than two great specimens of Auracárias proudly marking one of Figueira da Foz‘s most iconic and refreshing streets.



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