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Rua 31 de Julho



Rua 31 de Julho honors the birth date of Manuel Fernandes Tomás one of the most illustrious Figueirenses.
This street was originally called Rua dos Tropeções or Ladeira dos Tropeções.
On August 23, 1911 it was named Rua do Quebra Costas and later Ladeira do Monte.
By city council resolution of April 16, 1941 was named Rua 31 de Julho, the date on which in that same street was born Manuel Fernandes Tomás in 1771.
Manuel Fernandes Tomás was elected deputy to the Constituent Cortes and drew up the bases of the Constitution that King João VI swore in 1821.

He died in Lisbon on November 19, 1822, two weeks after the approval of the Constitution of which he had been one of the main workers.
On August 24, 1911, the following was inaugurated in the New Square the statue of Manuel Fernandes Tomás the “patriarch of freedom” and the “regenerator of the homeland”.
His remains were first buried in the old Church of Santa Catarina, then transferred to the Church of Paulistas and from there to a family grave in the Prazeres Cemetery. On August 24, 1988, the remains of the distinguished Figueirense returned to his homeland, where they rest under his statue, very close to the place where he was born, in Rua 31 de Julho.



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