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Romaria de Santa Eulália invites you to discover the history of Figueira da Foz



Here is a unique opportunity to get to know one of the oldest religious traditions in the county, the Pilgrimage in Honor of Santa Eulália and, at the same time, discover one of our most important historical sites: Monte de Santa Olaia, where we find the beautiful chapel dedicated to Santa Eulália, which keeps the cult alive in these regular popular religious celebrations.

The celebration will take place on July 15 (Sunday), includes a walk through history and performances by two of the most prestigious musical and ethnographic groups in the municipality and MeetFigueira strongly advises all those who are on vacation or passing through, but also to inhabitants who do not yet know the interior of the territory well, because Figueira da Foz is much more than sun, beach and Bairro Novo …

The hills of Santa Olaia and Ferrestelo, near the border with Montemor-o-Velho, show traces of human occupation since prehistory, with emphasis on the Phoenician presence and the medieval period. The archaeological work on these hills of Baixo Mondego dates back to the 19th century, by the hand of one of the pioneers of national archaeology, António dos Santos Rocha, who today gives his name to the excellent Municipal Museum of Figueira da Foz and much of the valuable booty found can be seen in the museum. In fact, the so-called Castro de Santa Olaia (or Eulália) has been classified as a Property of Public Interest since 1953.

On the hill, in addition to the wonderful view over the fields of the Mondego at the time of the rice harvest, we can observe the ruins of ancient settlements. In addition to being an obligatory stopping point for hikers and cyclists exploring the Mondego countryside and who can refresh themselves in the friendly River Beach of EreiraThis hill, just a stone’s throw away, still has a very strong symbolic and religious charge among the local communities, as you can see in this annual pilgrimage of Santa Eulália.

Aware of the historical and identity importance of this place, in fact, the organization of the Pilgrimage, in charge of the Parish Council of Ferreira-a-Nova, invites again this year to the religious celebrations, but also to the discovery of this valuable heritage, with a guided tour by the historian and technician of the Santos Rocha Municipal Museum, Marco Penajoia, after the Mass in the chapel, at 16:00, which opens the program.

The fun part is in charge of the Santanense Philharmonic Band and the Rosas de Maio Folkloric Ranch. The day ends with a convivial snack, to which everyone is also invited.



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