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RFM Somnii 2023: Electronic music reigns again in Figueira da Foz



The most exciting festival of the year has arrived. It is already next weekend and in this edition the event comes with the slogan “Sunset Feeling, a motto which, as the organization (under the responsibility of Memories of Tomorrow) stresses “sets the tone for what we want to be the common feeling in Figueira da Foz: the celebration of life and friendship, creating unforgettable memories with friends and to the sound of the best DJs in the world!”. MeetFigueira is a partner of the festival and will be present!

The music, this time, is not limited to the big stage on the sand of Praia do Relógio, where it is expected, as always, “the biggest Sunset ever” with the biggest names in current electronic music and new values in the DJ Contest space, the event spreads throughout the city, with concerts in various points such as the Municipal Garden Bandstand or the streets of Bairro Novo. This is the parallel programme Festival City 2023, which aims to mobilize the community and decentralize the festival. Learn more about the program here:

But there’s a lot more to this RFM Somnii 2023, three days of great entertainment in which Figueira da Foz is filled with thousands of electronic music lovers. In addition to the music, a variety of experiences have been prepared for them, including gastronomic (with the Food Court on the main corner), sports (surfing lessons) or discovering the municipality, with walks on the Salinas Route or 4×4 tours, not forgetting the giant inflatables and, of course, a few dives in the sea next door.

Find out all about the RFM Somnii 2023 Experiences here:

This event has, once again, the support of the Municipality of Figueira da Foz, on the assumption that “the bet on this type of festival translates into tens of thousands of people, mostly young people, both national and international, coming to Figueira da Foz and greatly enhances tourism in the city, positioning it as a relevant and recurring destination for consumers of entertainment products, with a special focus on the Electronic Dance Music – EDM spectrum”.

Somnii 2023 main poster (venue opens early afternoon):





James Hype

Julian Jordan

Pedro Cazanova

Rich & Mendes




Le Twins

Mariana Bo

Mike Williams

Rich & Mendes





Joel Corry

Marc Vedo

Oliver Heldens

Rich & Mendes

Tiger Lewis


Images: RFM Somni and André Machado/Mai Magazine



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