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“Meet the Surfer : Answers at the tip of the board” is a MeetFigueira section that aims to make local surfers and their maneuvers known with words, in the form of a summer survey.

An attentive man, a sensitive soul.

You are the wrong man for this inquiry. The only thing he hates more than crowd surfing is perhaps the crowd surfing campaign. That is why you give the answers you give in questions numbers 1, 2 and 21. He, my interpretation, understands, after all, that Figueira is the best national surf spot.

He’s the Lucky Luke of Figueiran surfing, the Lone Ranger of the middle wave, a subversive romantic (aren’t they all?), a young rebel, the Charles Aznavour of Cabedelo.

More than a teacher, a master and more than a master, an example.

A good photographer, a good painter, a thrower, an expert joke teller, an out of the box, an intellectual, a competent surfer and a great friend to his friends.

Ladies and gentlemen, a beautiful person, in the first person, Carlos Azevedo:

Best spot in Portugal?


Why is Figueira da Foz the best spot in Portugal?

Figueira has many spots, but none is the best in Portugal.

What is the best wave in Figueira?

It depends on the year, all spots had good moments at different times.

What was your best session ever in Figueira?

It’s happening.

LOVE GOAT from Figueira?

I stay out of those lives.

Best board that passed through Figueira?

I have no record.

What was your best board?

The one I use, from Manila.

Best post-surf snack?

After the surf, it’s dinner, fish.

Best surf dinner ever in Figueira?

With the friends of always, companions of journey.

Best view of Figueira?

Many, it depends on the light.

Figueira’s most beautiful site?

The Fig Tree is beautiful.

Better surf Buddy Holly?

I do not understand the question.

Best surf music?

Waves, seagulls, wind.

Best surf movie?

Deep throat.

Movie of your life?

La Strada.

Finland’s GDP?

I’ve been meaning to go to the gpt chat, but I have to confess my ignorance, I don’t know.

Zimbabwe’s average life expectancy?
Apply the previous answer.
Some friends are coming to Figueira, you are not there:

– What do you say?

How can I tell them anything if I’m not here?

Are you all right?

Some days…

Does Figueira da Foz need work or acupuncture?

Acupuncture, clearly.

Two messages for future generations?

a. Don’t grow up, it’s a trap!
b. If you want to surf, better Peniche and Ericeira, it has everything and more!



Figueira da Foz, an Ocean View

My viewpoint of doom in Figueira da Foz is not usually found in the lists of the “Best Viewpoints in Figueira da Foz”. It’s not official and it’s not on the roadmap, but I’ve been looking there for at least fifty years. Not exactly in the same place, because my viewpoint has grown and is now further away – which only makes it more beautiful.

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