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Meet the Surfer : Answers at the tip of the board | Antonio Bertier



“Meet the Surfer : Answers at the tip of the board” is a MeetFigueira section that aims to make local surfers and their maneuvers known with words, in the form of a summer survey.

There are 50 in the water and the set is approaching. Regardless of where you stand and whether you want it, the best wave is always yours. Always.
If the style asked for surfing tips, it would be from him; if it didn’t, it was wrong.
It is thoughtful and it is not. He is rebellious, subversive and the owner of certain and sometimes unshakeable philosophies.
You are a Friend of your Friend, a Master and a Legend. She enjoys snacks, reading, flowing conversation and telling good stories. Above all, it is unique.
Ladies and gentlemen, in the first or third person singular, this is Antonio Bertier:

Best spot in Portugal?
Coxos, Ericeira.

Why is Figueira da Foz the best spot in Portugal?
The longest right in Europe.

What is the best wave in Figueira?
Cabedelo more consistent.

What was your best session ever in Figueira?
Winter ’93.

LOVE GOAT from Figueira?

Best board that passed through Figueira?

What was your best board?
Aloha 6`2″ from 86.

Best snack in Figueira after surfing?
Café, Rodrigues, in Buarcos.

Best surf dinner ever in Figueira?
Taberna de Tavarede, in 90

Best view of Figueira?
Casa Pinha, in Serra.

Figueira’s most beautiful site?
Cape Mondego.

Best surf Buddy Holly
Pike Paw.

Best surf music?
“Born to be wild”.

Best surf movie?
“The three friends”.

Movie of your life?
“Life is Beautiful”.

Finland’s GDP?
293.7 billion USD.

Book of life
“Siddhartha”, Hermann Hesse.

Zimbabwe’s average life expectancy?
37 for men, 34 for women.

Some friends are coming to Figueira, you’re not there. What do you say to them?
Cape Mondego to the coast, you’ll find surf.

Are you all right?
Yes, getting older, but brand new.

Figueira da Foz needs work or acupuncture.



Fort of Santa Catarina

The Fort of Santa Catarina was built on the foundations of a fortification existing since the reign of D. João I (1385-1433). In October 1585 some good men from the Coimbra City Council petitioned Philip I of Portugal (1580-1598) for the construction of the Fort, with a view to defending Figueira da Foz from enemy entry through the mouth of the River Mondego.

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