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Characteragens à Solta in Figueira da Foz takes theater to the parishes



“Personagens à Solta”, is the name of the decentralized theatrical programme that the municipality has organized in partnership with the theatrical entities in the county, as part of the Out of Doors Project, “which aims to give visibility to the work carried out by associations/collectivities in the municipality of Figueira da Foz that are seen as hubs for the cultural and recreational development of their communities”.

“Personagens à Solta” (Characters on the Loose) takes to the streets from the 24th of this month, in a program that runs until December 3rd and includes a series of performances in the various parishes of the municipality.

Eleven theater groups from Figueira da Foz are taking part in this action: Grupo Cénico da Sociedade Boa União Alhadense; Escola de Artes do CAE; Quiaios Clube; Casa do Povo de Alqueidão; Grupo de Teatro Amador As Personagens; Páteo das Galinhas; Associação Viver em Alegria; Sociedade de Instrução Tavaredense; Sociedade Filarmónica Paionense; Mulheres de Tavarede and Grupo Musical Carritense, which will tour various communities and associations in the municipality, according to their availability and conditions, as per the attached poster (Casa do Povo de Lavos, Clube União Brenhense, Grupo Recreativo Vilaverdense, Grupo Instrução e Recreio Quiaense, Grupo Recreativo da Chã, Sociedade de Instrução Tavaredense).

The Out of Doors Project, according to a note from the City Council, was developed as “a project that contributes to artistic, social and economic dynamism, always with a view to preserving, defending, enhancing and implementing different actions that meet the ever-essential cultural democratization”This includes initiatives that have already taken place or will soon take place, such as “Maio Florido”, “Bandas ao Coreto”, the “Quinta do Bill Sinfónico Concert with Sociedade Filarmónica Figueirense and Filarmónica Quiaense”, “Personagens à Solta”, “Melodias de Natal”, “Concertos de Natal” and “Formação de Atores”.



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