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Celebrating the 10th edition of Gliding Barnacles in Cabedelo, Figueira da Foz



It’s time to dive into a universe where the sea, art and gastronomy meet. From September 6 to 10, the 10th edition of Gliding Barnacles promises to celebrate a vibrant community. Get ready for an explosion of waves, colors and rhythms, where artists, surfers and dreamers come together to create a symphony of creativity.
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Gliding Barnacles is not just a festival, but an experience that brings people together in a meaningful way, aiming to be a catalyst for authentic connections, a place where affinities manifest naturally. As previous editions have shown, this is a community that seeks out the beauty of the sea, immersive music and artistic expression.

Gliding Barnacles is for all ages. If you’re not sure about bringing the family, don’t think twice. Memories of the past are fresh in the mind, and audiences are eager to contemplate all the new works of art that this year holds, whether on or off the water.

Starting today, September 6, the organization has prepared some surprises: not just one, but three incredible venues, creating the perfect mix of surf, art and music, each with its own designated area.

The beach will be full of surf expression sessions, a vibrant beach market, a street food corner and daytime concerts. The hangar, on the other hand, will be the place where the talented artists will be creating their works in real time, for five consecutive days, between 10:00 and 22:00.

And for the night owls, the warehouse is ready to host all the electrifying evening concerts.

Just like last year, the beach area is open to everyone. A reservation is required to access the hangar and warehouse. You can secure your place via this lin k .

What about surfing?

The approach to surfing is as conventional in theory as it is in format. Forget the competition. Gliding Barnacles is about inspiring each other through storytelling, self-expression and pure passion. The organization will be there to break molds. You have to ride the waves without the restrictions of rankings and rewards – surfing is a form of artistic expression, just like art or music.

There will be no winners! The guest surfers will have an hour to show off their style, surf with elegance and demonstrate how they connect with both the ocean and their boards. It’s about overcoming limits, experimenting with the wind and, above all, enjoying the journey.

The organization continues to stick to this approach, “eliminating the qualifiers”. Bringing together people from all over the world, including Gliding Barnacles veterans and newcomers, the events will remain inclusive, fun and relaxed.

More details on the 10th edition of Gliding Barnacles

The organization has promised more surprises for the 10th edition, and here they are! Ready for real-time updates? Want to know when the concerts start or if the epic surf expression sessions are about to begin? Get in on the action and download the app to keep up to date.

The surfboard shaping sessions are also noteworthy. As for the music, there will be several bands of different styles livening up the event, such as Du Nothing, 5th Punkada, Birds Are Indie, Twist Connection, Manteau and Conferência Inferno, among others.

The well-known sofas, already a trademark of Gliding Barnacles, will be part of the decoration throughout the space. The organization plans to bring together 100 sofas in this edition, some with direct ocean views, to provide a memorable experience for the 350 or so guests and thousands of visitors expected.

Gastronomy will also have a prominent place with the“Street Food Market“, featuring around 15 emerging local projects, such as Akaza Sushi, Gelataria Cosi and Miguel Moura Meneses. A unique opportunity to taste delicious delicacies while enjoying the festival’s unique atmosphere.

Gliding Barnacles is a breath of fresh air in the festival world, and its 10th edition promises to be even more exciting and surprising. Don’t miss the chance to be part of this unique event that celebrates surf culture, art and music in a truly original way, in a relaxed atmosphere full of creative energy.




Pedro Silva