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Carnival in Figueira da Foz: The revelry starts now!



The liveliest time of the year is coming and, if you are looking for fun, Figueira da Foz is one of the best choices! Carnival starts now, with a series of events scheduled to excite all revelers in the region. From the children’s parade to the grand ball at Casino Figueira, Carnival in Figueira da Foz promises to be an unforgettable party.

On February 17, the fun starts early with the Children’s Carnival parade, which will bring a lot of joy to the kids. But the party doesn’t stop there! In the evening, starting at 21:30, there is the Alhadas Carnival Ball at the CRIA headquarters. With the band Gástrica and guest artists, the party promises to be lively until the sun rises.

On February 18, Casino Figueira celebrates Carnival with a special dinner inspired by Brazilian cuisine. And the party continues into the night, with the band Batuques do Brasil, who will bring the lively rhythms of Carnival to fill the Caffé Hall.

TUA Cooperativa Artística e Cultural, based in the historic cine-theatre of the Caras Direitas Group, will organize a carnival-flavored dance marathon next Saturday, a party that starts at two in the afternoon and continues until four in the morning on Sunday. The “electronic ball” will feature three DJs and prizes for the best masks.

In addition, there will be the night parade of samba schools and the Carnival Ball in Quiaios, with the AFK Ensemble. Prizes will be awarded to the 3 best costumes.

The parish hall of Vila Verde hosts the Carnival Ball of the Comissão De Festas N. Sra. da Graça 2023, with food and drinks and prizes for the best adult masquerade, best group and best children’s masquerade.

On February 19, the party continues with the Musical Association União Filarmónica Maiorquense, which promises a cracking party from 21:30. There will be prizes for the best masqueraders and musical entertainment with the group Doce Mel.

For those who prefer a parade, and daylight, the biggest of all parades, the Grande Parade de Carnaval de Buarcos-Figueira da Foz starts at 14:30, with a repeat on the 21st at the same time. The party promises to be tough!

On February 20, AD Buarcos organizes a Carnival Ball at the historic cine-theatre Caras Direitas, with the Virus Band starting at 22:30.

For those who prefer a themed party, Figueira Back to 80s 90s is back, this time with the Eurostars Carnival. With DJs and entertainers, the party will be animated with sounds from the 80s and 90s. There will be a costume contest and tickets cost €12.

At the Centro Recreativo Cultural Carvalhense, Carnival is made with the music of the duo Daniel Silva & Ana and several prizes for masqueraders.

On February 21, the night promises to be lively at Quiaios Clube, which hosts a Carnival Party brightened by AFK.

In Alhadas, the Grupo Cultural e Desportivo do Pincho prepared a party with prizes for the best carnival costumes, best group and best children’s masquerade.

Now that you know all the Carnival events that will take place in the municipality of Figueira da Foz, it’s time to get ready for the revelry! Grab your costume, call your friends and have fun! After all, Carnival is the time of year when we can disconnect from the routine and enjoy it to the fullest.



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