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Buarcos – The Unridden Ones: The documentary that will tell the story of Europe’s longest right-wing wave



On April 23, Sunday, at 9:00 pm, CAE – Centro de Artes e Espetáculos will host the preview of Buarcos – The Unridden Ones.
This documentary, produced by Timelapse Media in collaboration with the Municipality of Figueira da Foz, with contributions from João Traveira, Luís Pereira, João Serpa, Ivo Cação, João Filipe Belo and with the participation of several local surfers, will explore a dormant phenomenon in the bay of Buarcos.

In Buarcos, one of Portugal’s oldest coastal villages, runs the longest right-hand wave in Europe. It’s been like that forever. Surfing emerged in the late 1960s, initiated by the migrations of surfers who year after year repeated the route of the endless summer on the old continent. After the introduction of surfing in Figueira da Foz, the mythical waves of Buarcos have been surfed by generations with one exception that is common to all until today: The big swells have always got the better of the human condition and the big and perfect waves, for the sake of accessibility, rolled alone. This film chronicles the journey of a local surfer who wants to change all that“.

After the preview, Buarcos – The Unridden Ones will participate in several film festivals across borders, including the United Kingdom, California, Golden Coast and other destinations, thus enhancing this great asset of the Figueira da Foz coast.

Tickets for the preview are free and can be picked up at CAE now. Tickets are limited to the capacity of the auditorium.

Don’t miss the chance to watch a unique documentary on the history of Europe’s longest right-wing wave.



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