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Beach Rugby in Portugal (and in Figueira da Foz!)



Beach Rugby in Portugal is a relatively new sport, but it has been gaining popularity in recent years, not least because the country has an extensive coastline and many beaches suitable for practicing the sport.

The history of Beach Rugby in Portugal began around the year 2000, when the first informal tournaments were organized on some beaches in the country.

In 2005, the Portuguese Rugby Federation officially embraces the sport and publishes a regulation for a Beach Rugby Circuit, taking place from July 1 to August 15 on the beaches that wanted to promote stages or tournaments, “and may include several age groups, Women’s Rugby and even non-federated groups or teams”.

The motto was launched for rugby fans, a sport that traditionally went into a summer off-season, to come to the beaches and start organizing events that are still references today, from the veteran Porto Beach Rugby, Beach Rugby Ericeira or, of course, Beach Rugby Ericeira. Figueira Beach Rugby, already a landmark on the European circuit. Since then, the sport has grown significantly, with more teams springing up across the country and competing in organized tournaments.

O Foz Plaza Figueira Beach Rugby International This is the 13th edition and it is always growing: In 2022 it had 51 teams from nine countries, with a total of 850 athletes, this weekend it will bring together 56 teams (38 male and 18 female), with a total of 900 athletes from 11 countries (Portugal, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Spain, Italy, England, San Marino and the United States). The Figueirense event has a whole program of parallel animation and also seeks to actively intervene in the community: as in previous editions, the event promotes the campaign “Every essay counts”, whose revenue will revert to the Maritime Scouts of Figueira da Foz.

The beach rugby party at Buarcos Beach features men’s, women’s, under-18 and under-16 competitions, constituting a cosmopolitan and intergenerational gathering dedicated to the spirit of rugby and team sports. In the previous edition, the French men’s team Les Minots won the tournament (three times champions in the last edition). Figueira da Foz and 5 times champions of the French national circuit), with the Conimbricans from AAC taking the silver medal and the Dutch from the Jagerbombers team winning in women, followed by the SLB rugby players. This year’s competition will certainly be tougher and livelier.

It is recalled that, as we explained yesterday Beach Rugby is played in teams of five players on each side, with matches lasting two five-minute halves, even taking into account the inclemency of the summer heat. The rules of beach rugby are similar to those of traditional rugby, with some important differences, such as the ban on scrums and mauls and the requirement that the ball is always in motion.

In Portugal, as in the rest of the globe, beach rugby is seen as a fun and exciting form of rugby that is accessible to players of all levels and ages. It is a sport that promotes team spirit and fair play, and is also a form of sport that can be practiced outdoors, in contact with nature, all year round.



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