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Basketball in Celebration: V Traseiras Tournament in Figueira da Foz



The most emblematic and iconic basketball court in the country is hosting another edition – the 5th – of the Traseiras Tournament in Figueira da Foz this weekend (at the back of Rua Dr. Luis Carriço and Rua Dr. Nogueira de Carvalho). Traseiras Tournament .

A group of friends, passionate about the sport, persist year after year in undertaking this feat of moving hundreds of athletes around a field full of memories, where the most important national practitioners have passed over many summers in the country. Figueira da Foz (see here our article dedicated to the basketball courts throughout the municipality).

Two years ago, the court was refurbished by Figueira da Foz City Council, in partnership with the Portuguese Basketball Federation in a tribute to Ticha Penicheiro – the greatest reference in national basketball – who started playing basketball on this very court.

MeetFigueira is a partner of the 2023 edition, following closely on site and in this page (the photos will grow here over the weekend) a tournament that has been characterized by a great spirit of camaraderie and fair play, bringing together all generations of basketball players in the city (and beyond!), in an atmosphere of healthy conviviality, lots of fun, fierce and loyal competition and plenty of balls in the basket.

This year’s Traseiras Tournament has the biggest turnout ever, with 25 teams and around 120 athletes, both male and female.
The games start at 9am and last until close to dinner time. Check out the match schedule here:

In between, the 3-point tournament takes place and the weekend ends on a high note with the always highly anticipated and spectacular slam dunk contest.

Come along and be part of the biggest summer basketballparty in Figueira da Foz!




Pedro Silva