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Arborismo, a journey from tree to tree at Parque Aventura Figueira da Foz



Tree climbing is a recreational activity in which the participant moves through a path of platforms situated between trees, using ropes, bridges, slides and other means to overcome various challenges. MeetFigueira ventured from tree to tree and tells us how the experience was in the Figueira da Foz Adventure Park .

Figueira da Foz is fortunate to have a unique space for the practice of arborism, which has been delighting the youngest (and not only!) in recent years. It has already been located in Serra da Boa Viagembut Hurricane Leslie left it unworkable and today the Figueira da Foz Adventure Park is located right in the city center, just in front of the Galamba Marques Pavilion (Avenida 1º de Maio), in a very well managed and appropriate space, full of trees worthy for the purpose and, of course, with the respective shade, which allows, for example, the practice of another activity also very dear to visitors – snack -, perfect for less adventurous parents while accompanying the kids, or for the little ones’ birthday parties, which are much in demand and especially recommended in spring and summer.

Figueira da Foz Adventure Park

Safety at Figueira da Foz Adventure Park

The practice of Arborism, within the Figueira da Foz Adventure Park, in addition to being extremely pleasurable, enjoys a safety that offers no doubts. There is a simple set of rules to follow, careful initial training on the use of equipment by accredited monitors and professional monitoring along the routes.

Figueira da Foz Adventure Park

Safety is never compromised, due to the Clic-it mechanism, a smart magnetic technology, ensuring that the user will never be at risk of falling, always keeping them attached to at least one of the Clic-it’s.
The system may seem a little confusing at first, but it quickly becomes almost automatic – almost any young child will easily handle the equipment and be able to follow the various circuits that the park presents autonomously.

The circuits

Let’s talk about these circuits. They are divided into 3 levels: curious, adventurous and fearless. Each one has a minimum participation height and a different degree of difficulty. In addition, you can start with the most basic and move on to the next levels as you gain confidence, and repeat the routes as often as you like.

Figueira da Foz Adventure Park circuits

No two challenges are the same. From each platform, we can be presented with ropes to climb, cables to cross, more or less daring plank paths, tunnels made of mesh and wood, all with a degree of difficulty appropriate to the level chosen. The heights reached can be considerable and we can only breathe, enjoy the moment, the space and such an engaging and rewarding contact with nature.

Figueira da Foz Adventure Park

In addition to the click-its, we carry a pulley system with us, allowing us to literally enjoy the various slides encountered along the way. They are the real exclamation point, a spectacular and fun way to travel from tree to tree!

Figueira da Foz Adventure Park
Photo Parque Aventura Figueira da Foz

For the youngest, happiness is evident on every face, and the successive conquests of the proposed challenges contribute significantly to the development of their physical dexterity and self-confidence. Agility may count for something, but there is no age limit to enjoy such a satisfying experience.

To conclude

The prices at Parque Aventura Figueira da Foz are adequate (no ATM!), the monitors are friendly, welcoming and helpful.
Allow at least two hours for the duration of the activity. For large groups (from 6-7 people), it is advisable to call ahead to check availability(+351 915 536 555). Clothing and footwear should be comfortable and practical.

In short, be sure to plan a getaway to the Figueira da Foz Adventure Park . It will surely be in the top 3 things to do with the kids in Figueira da Foz!

Figueira da Foz Adventure Park




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