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Figueira da Foz’s restaurant scene has a new “player” of weight. The Amorim Group took over the direct management of the restaurant and bars in the Casino building and reinvented its gastronomic Patio of excellence in the city, with new management by Renato Oliveira, with a new chef, new menus, new wines, new attitude and even a new set of tableware, a beautiful set of Vista Alegre porcelain that deserves to be highlighted, since the innovative plating is one of the bets of this “new” cathedral of Figueiran food.

Renato Oliveira and André Rolo lead the new Páteo team

MeetFigueira went to taste, at the invitation of Casino Figueira and on the pretext of the presentation of the New Menu, Wine and Bar Cards and, with great objectivity, it is stated that quality and fine art reign there. A sophisticated and irreverent cuisine and presentation marry perfectly with the refinement of the house and with a deep respect for the products of the land, which is admirable for a Chef with 25 years and already with curriculum in the best hotel brands of Lisbon and Algarve. André Rolo is young, but he knows what is good and genuine and does not deny his origins. The rice is carolino from the fields of Baixo Mondego, the fish is from our coast, the chorizo is from Quiaios and even the croquettes are chanfana, this traditional delicacy from so close to Mondego.

The policy, say those in charge, is to buy local, and this is evident at every stage of this abundant and eclectic new menu, from starters that include the gourmet preserves of the company’s Figueira da Foz to the delicious desserts, the “Lambarices do Páteo” which are also a delight to look at and which include a tribute to the “Lambarices do Páteo”. Breezes of Figueirathe “Breezes of our land”.

The young star of the Patio He confessed to having a very special passion for rice, as a gastronomic product full of countless secrets (such as the “point” of the capricious carolino), which is evident when tasting the divine “Arroz caldoso de tamboril e mariscos” or the “Arroz de línguas de bacalhau” with turnip greens and poached egg. What stands out from the whole offer of this Charter, however, is the enormous diversity of dishes and snacks for all tastes, including the delicate vegetarian and vegan palate, in the “Fresh and Green” section.

You can choose from the menu, or, perhaps a more advised solution, let yourself be carried away by the Chef’s suggestions, who will make you a selection of the best that the new Menu has to offer and that we reveal below, but where you will certainly not miss the beautiful meat board of the best quality, with emphasis on the chestnut-fed pork. Be that as it may, if you stick to tapas, you certainly won’t leave hungry; an abundant and creative offer of light dishes will satisfy the most demanding stomachs, wallet permitting.

The wines and sparkling wines were also selected from the best national brands, covering all the wine regions of the country and ensuring a luxury accompaniment to the delicacies. But not everything is refinement and sophistication, in the home of the mythical Francesinhas Festival (a winning bet that Casino Figueira wants to continue), this wonder of “tripeira” cuisine is also present in the new Charter, in a version, let’s say, improved and to cry for more.

According to Fernando Maia, Marketing Director of Casino Figueira, the ambition is to position themselves “as one of the best restaurants in Figueira da Foz and the central region”, raising the gastronomic offer of the municipality to new heights and attracting an external public that loves good food. Open from 19:30 to 22:30, next door to the main entrance of Casino Figueira.


Selection of assorted breads
Wheat | corn | spinach | grissini
Butter from the Azores
Garlic | fresh herbs
Seasoned” olives
Citrus fruits | garlic | oregano
National cheese factory
Sheep buttery
Cured cow and sheep
Cured goat with garlic and herbs
Fresh beef

Figueira da Foz Preserves
Sardine | pickles I cornbread
Old-fashioned chicken pipis
Gizzards | hearts
Veal tenderloin mince
Pickles | olives
Scrambled eggs (select 1 option)
Farinheira and coriander or mushrooms and asparagus
Oven-baked cheese
Dried fruits | rosemary honey | bread crostinis
Rotos” eggs
Fried potato | ham | fried egg
Prawns in the pan
Flamed in garlic | lemon juice | coriander
Board of national PDO cheeses
Serra da Estrela | Alentejo | Azores
Crispy cod roe
Coriander | roasted garlic sauce
Selected Iberian ham
Fig jam | Alentejo bread
Stewed broad beans with chorizo from Quiaios
Poached egg | coriander
Roasted chanfana croquette
Turnip greens | parsley creamy

Smoked tofu and portobellos risotto
Asparagus | parmesan crunch
Bean and cassava burger
Basmati rice | Mediterranean salad | dried fruits
Oriental bowl with grilled seitan
Grain curry | red onion | hazelnuts
Bowl with mozzarella pearls and avocado
Aromatic lettuce | tomato | balsamic

Cod tongues rice
Turnip greens | poached egg
Octopus tentacle from the press
Kale crumbs | shallots | baked potato
Cod loin confit
Sames stew | pea puree | olive powder
Shrimp “cuttlefish ink” linguini
Herb butter | lemon
Monkfish and seafood rice stew (2 persons)
Shrimp | clams | mussels
Selection of fresh fish and seafood
Figueira da Foz salt flower | herb butter

Our “Francesinha”
Veal tenderloin | Angus sausage | rustic potatoes
Iberian pork cheek
Mushroom risotto | sprouts | dehydrated orange
Chicken tagliatelle
Game sausage | asparagus | roasted cashews
Portuguese style veal steak
Kale crumbs | serrano ham | rustic potatoes
Selection of “Cuts and meats”
Figueira da Foz salt flower | herb butter

Shrimp and clam rice
White basmati rice
Rustic potato with oregano
Oven-baked potato
Cabbage, bread and fava beans crumbs
Iberian salad with mustard vinaigrette
Sautéed vegetables
Asparagus | carrot | mushrooms

Breeze of our land
Lemon freshness | pastel de nata ice cream
Caramelized crème brulée
Ginger crumble| raspberries
Chocolate vase with garden flowers
Orange texture | chocolate ice cream
Traditional sericaia
Elvas plum | lemon ice cream
Coffee and salted caramel pannacotta
Peanut granola | caramel ice cream
Our sighing lemon tree
Sweet pastry with lemon cream | meringue
Chocolate madness
Cocoa cookie | tangerine sorbet
Laminated fruit
Mix of laminated fruits
Mango | pineapple | melon



Fort of Santa Catarina

The Fort of Santa Catarina was built on the foundations of a fortification existing since the reign of D. João I (1385-1433). In October 1585 some good men from the Coimbra City Council petitioned Philip I of Portugal (1580-1598) for the construction of the Fort, with a view to defending Figueira da Foz from enemy entry through the mouth of the River Mondego.

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Splendor on the lawn of Figueira da Foz’s Abbey Park

It’s true that today’s pitches no longer allow for the soccer matches that used to fill the Abbeys at the weekend in the 80s, and that the younger generations get more pleasure from playing FIFA on the console. However, the huge expanse of lawn, which crosses much of the heart of Figueira da Foz, from the Municipal Garden to the area of the Dr. Joaquim de Carvalho Secondary School, allows for a multitude of activities and hobbies, limited only by the scope of one’s imagination.

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Where to do your market shopping in Figueira da Foz

Our article begins to be written on June 24, 1892, when the market of the city of Figueira da Foz ceases to operate in the then called Praça do Comércio (today Praça General Freire de Andrade and better known among the figueirenses as Praça Velha) and a space of its own is inaugurated for the vendors – the municipal market that today we know as Mercado Municipal Engenheiro Silva.

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