Living Figueira 12 months a year

140 years of the city : 140 reasons to love Figueira da Foz


  1. Morraceira Island.
  2. The fish soup at the Marégrafo.
  3. The mille-feuilles from Conchinha Doce, also known as Santaninhas.
  4. A glass of wine, gin or vodka at the Wine Bar. In short, a glass at the Wine Bar.
  5. An afternoon with the children at Praça do Forte (bring your wallet).
  6. A meal on the terrace of the Cataventos.
  7. The emblematic verticality of the Clock Tower.
  8. The pleasant summer bustle of Buarcos and Praia de Buarcos
  9. The collection of Dutch tiles at Casa do Paço.
  10. An evening of live music at Zeitgeist Caffe.
  11. A drink and a chat at Spasso, facing the sea.
  12. Walks along the rice fields.
  13. The hospitality and flavors of the Picadeiro Restaurant.
  14. The waterfall of Serra da Boa Viagem (when it has water).
  15. The Olaias Garden.
  16. Being able to feel the beach, whether it’s summer, fall, winter or spring.
  17. An intimate concert by João Peneda.
  18. The tranquility of a walk through the Abbey Park.
  19. The Figures.
  20. The Trindade Theater.
  21. The panoramic views from the Silva Guimarães Esplanade.
  22. The growing collection of Urban Art.
  23. Physical exercise in the Abbeys.
  24. Stop by the Sloth and follow in its footsteps: go sloth.
  25. The long sandy beach.
  26. The steaks from Taverna do Ti João.
  27. A plate of delicacies at Bijou Restaurant.
  28. The skatepark of Buarcos.
  29. The meat boards of Pregaria do Bairro.
  30. The class of the Olaias Restaurant.
  31. Have a picnic in the Abbeys.
  32. A mariscada at Sagres.
  33. The sunset over the sea, along any of the 25 km of coastline.
  34. The chapel of Santa Maria de Seiça.
  35. Wander through the fruit, vegetable and fish stalls at the Municipal Market.
  36. A sweet snack at Croissanteria da Praia.
  37. Visits to the salt pans.
  38. Watching the storks in the fields of Alqueidão.
  39. Tour the CAE exhibition halls.
  40. The legacy of Architect Isaías Cardoso.
  41. The Art Nouveau of the (also) New Quarter.
  42. Enjoy a read by the sea, by the river or in the shade of a tree in the Abbeys.
  43. Engº Silva Castle.
  44. Play a round of mini golf.
  45. Luzzo‘s thin-crust pizzas.
  46. The meats of the Greek and the Made to Steak.
  47. The sardines in Mar à Vista.
  48. Be able to choose to do Padel in the morning, Surf in the afternoon and cinema in the evening.
  49. Work out on the fitness machines facing the sea.
  50. Freedom Street.
  51. The Abbey Playground.
  52. The quality of life in Figueira da Foz.
  53. Feel the fresh wind and the endless views from the Bandeira viewpoint.
  54. The tranquil moods of the River Mondego.
  55. Walk along the cliffs of Cape Mondego.
  56. Walk on the north jetty.
  57. Miguel de Carvalho ‘s old books and Miguel Gouveia da Bruáa‘s new books.
  58. Roll around on the Abbey lawn with the kids (and the grown-ups can go too).
  59. Chopping careers in the waves of Cabedelo.
  60. The Santos Rocha Municipal Museum.
  61. The pure refinement of the Pure.
  62. Play basketball on the beach courts.
  63. Climb up to the Fort of Santa Catarina and enjoy the riverside and sea views.
  64. Play soccer in any corner of the county.
  65. Listen to the voice of the sea.
  66. The Pó de Saber cultural walking routes.
  67. The escondidinhos of Volta e Meia.
  68. The light.
  69. The Cape Mondego Lighthouse.
  70. Mountain biking in the Serra da Boa Viagem.
  71. A serene and friendly meal at Pata Negra.
  72. A late afternoon snack + drink in a bar/restaurant/platform on the sands of Buarcos.
  73. The service of a simple and impeccable dish at Fernando’s.
  74. The Bottled Sun.
  75. The beach in September.
  76. A morning at the Pescódromo de Lavos.
  77. The image and images of the Image Barracks.
  78. A colloquial neighborhood pestiscada at Pifo.
  79. A morning coffee or a fine afternoon at the Tucano Beach Bar in tune with the sea.
  80. Watch the Rancho das Cantarinhas de Buarcos dance.
  81. The cake, donuts and horseshoes from Alhadas.
  82. The works of António dos Santos Rocha.
  83. Snack, dine, lunch or simply have a drink with your feet (literally) in the sand.
  84. The interior and exterior of the Municipal Library.
  85. Contemplate the ocean at the Cabo Mondego viewpoint.
  86. Pedro Peixoto, Gato Preto and Pedro Peixoto’s snacks at Gato Preto.
  87. The guided tours of Luís Carlos and TimeOff.
  88. Depending on your lucky number, a late drink at Fifty-Two or 59.
  89. Practicing horse riding at the Associação Cavalo Amigo.
  90. Casserole 1 or Casserole 2, or both, one at a time.
  91. The breezes of Figueira.
  92. Claudio‘s pizzas.
  93. The Sotto Mayor Palace.
  94. The impacts of Somnii.
  95. The surprising beauty of Praia da Murtinheira Beach.
  96. The Cabedelo wave.
  97. Watch the Xávega Art on the Lavos and Leirosa Coast.
  98. Sailor‘s burgers.
  99. A walk by the sea.
  100. The trails of Serra da Boa Viagem.
  101. A glass, plate or dance at Casa Havanesa.
  102. A stay in one of Figueira da Foz‘s elegant hotels.
  103. The scenic road that connects Buarcos to Murtinheira and vice versa (whose name we are forbidden to pronounce by the MeetFigueira administration, and which makes reference to alleged macabre activities with barking 4-legged animals).
  104. The Praia da Claridade cycle path.
  105. Discover the nooks and crannies of the city through Orienteering.
  106. Stone soup at Peleiro.
  107. The suckling pig sandwiches from Forninho.
  108. Get lost in the shop windows of the Dionisio Pastry Shop.
  109. Rua 5 de Outubro in Buarcos.
  110. A night of dancing at Redshoes Bar.
  111. Stepping barefoot on the grass of the Municipal Garden.
  112. Contemplate the sea of green of Baixo-Mondego at Monte de Santa Olaia.
  113. Surf Europe’s biggest right-hand wave in Buarcos.
  114. Watching the flamingos on Morraceira Island.
  115. Have a morning or afternoon coffee at Skiqper.
  116. Waking up and smelling the sea air.
  117. The lively summer nights in Bairro Novo.
  118. Having a late afternoon drink at Bart‘s.
  119. Do a wine tasting at Rótulos e Expressões.
  120. A plate of cod (any cod, in confidence) at the Carousel.
  121. Gliding Barnacles.
  122. Take a break on a bench in the Municipal Garden.
  123. The House of Shells.
  124. Watch the sunrise.
  125. Taste the best ice cream in the universe at Emanha.
  126. The seafood at the Forte Santa Catarina Tennis Club Restaurant.
  127. Fernandes Tomáz.
  128. An afternoon in the heights of Parque Aventura.
  129. Have a quiet snack at Jonh’s Place.
  130. The good taste and good tastes of Square 18.
  131. A swim with a privileged view in the Casa Pinha pool.
  132. Climb the Serra da Boa Viagem (and then descend).
  133. The Núcleo Museológico do Sal and its surroundings.
  134. Discover colorful animals and plants on the rocks of Praia da Tamargueira and Cabo Mondego.
  135. The emblematic Casino Figueira.
  136. The Fisherman’s House on the Lavos Coast.
  137. The“Signs of Fire”.
  138. Figueirense theater and cinema.
  139. Return to Figueira da Foz.
  140. The Figueirans.



Where to play basketball in Figueira da Foz

Figueira da Foz has always been a fertile ground for basketball, a sport that set up camp in the first half of the 20th century and that boosted remarkable collectivities such as Sporting Clube Figueirense, Naval 1º de Maio, Caras Direitas or, above all, Ginásio Clube Figueirense, clubs that participated or still participate in major national competitions and, above all, that trained thousands of children and young people from Figueira da Foz in the “beautiful art” of the ball to the basket.

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