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Who wants to be Saramago

Show by the Andante company based on the work of José Saramago.
“The great and decisive weapon is ignorance. It is good that they know nothing, neither reading, nor writing, nor counting, nor thinking, that they consider and accept that the world cannot be changed, that this world is the only possible one, as it is, that only after dying there will be paradise… JS in Levantado do Chão
Now, more than ever, José Saramago’s words help us understand, fight and overcome the troubled times we live in.
Who wants to be Saramago?
As in a game, we are taken through the universe of José Saramago’s writing, with advances and retreats, overcoming a difficulty here, making a discovery there.
Who wants to be Saramago?
A journey against cruelty, humiliation and lies, guided by the “Voice” and the work of the only Nobel Prize winner in Portuguese-language literature, towards a more dignified, just and true world”.
Technical data sheet
Script: Cristina Paiva
Staging: Rui Paulo
Research: Fernando Ladeira
Interpretation: Cristina Paiva
Sound Design: Fernando Ladeira
Scenic space: Rui Paulo and Fernando Ladeira
Costumes: Cristina Paiva
Sewing mistress: Teresa Louro
Voices: Rui Paulo and Alfredo Brito
Photo: Alberto Monteiro
Production: Andante Associação Artística
Partnership: José Saramago Foundation