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Walk along the Fountains Route

With the support of the local parish council, the Maiorca em Caminhadas group is holding a spring walk along the Rota das Fontes, a golden opportunity to get to know the natural and heritage treasures of this inland area of the municipality better.

Mallorca’s Fountains Route comprises a route of 5.5 kilometers and consists of eleven points: Fonte das Sete Bicas, Mãe de Água, Nascente da Mãe de Água, Caminho Real, Fonte da Serra de S. Bento, Fonte da Serra de Castros, Fonte do Canudo, Fonte do Casal Benzedor, Cruzeiro de Sanfins, Fonte de Sanfins de Baixo and Fonte de Sanfins and respective 11 identification plaques, executed by António Varela, local artisan and mentor of the Route project, which in 2021 obtained support from the Participatory Budget of the Municipality of Figueira da Foz.