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They Invite: Carolina de Deus Invites António Zambujo

“Carolina de Deus is already one of the revelations of Portuguese music in 2022. At just 22 years old, the singer-songwriter, born in Lisbon, made headlines with her debut single, “Talvez…”, released in January. Since then, she has seen her still short career recognized with a nomination for the Golden Globes, in the category “Revelation of the Year” and the success of the debut theme led her to be the most searched Portuguese artist in the Shazam application, in Portugal. As influences he cites several names, ranging from Amy Winehouse or The Beatles to Bárbara Tinoco, Jorge Palma or António Zambujo. It was precisely the latter that he chose to invite to this special concert at CAE.
Together they will perform themes from their respective repertoires and share songs and artists that influence them, in an unforgettable evening.”