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The Misanthrope

Teatro Nacional Dona Maria is on a theatrical decentralization tour and will pass through Figueira da Foz, with the show O Misantropo, adapted by Hugo van der Ding and Martim Sousa Tavares from the original text by Molière, with staging by Mónica Garnel.

It’s opening night. Molière’s Misanthrope will be performed for the first time in Portugal before the King and the entire court and the show is far from ready.

There is a group of actors, together for mysterious and diverse reasons, with nerves on edge, willing to do much – or anything – even before Molière’s knocks are heard.

There is a man who has an aversion to human beings, who dislikes social interaction, who is melancholic, unsociable, misanthropic, owl-like, snitch-like. (in Priberam dictionary)

Above all, there is the fervent desire to attend court and please the King.

The crucial question is: “What happy chance brought you to this place?”

All the information here: The Misanthrope – by Hugo van der Ding and Martim Sousa Tavares from Molière – Teatro Nacional D. Maria II (