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The Man Who Just Wanted to Be Tóssan

The Pedro Fernandes Tomás Municipal Library is marking its 113th anniversary with a diverse program of cultural events, related to writers and other book makers. Next Sunday afternoon, the highlight will be the work “The Man Who Just Wanted to Be Tóssan” three volumes about Tóssan , a famous Portuguese painter, illustrator, decorator and graphic artist of the 20th century. The host of this concert will be Miguel Gouveia, storyteller, writer and editor, founder of the Bruaá publishing house.

It is a reading concert, which is, according to the organization, “In “everything like a music concert, in the reading concert only the nature of the score changes. Everything else remains the same: the presentation of a program and a soloist as a channel through which the music of the texts passes. More than an actor, the sound reader is a director who shares with the audience a reading according to his sensibility, because reading aloud, when interpreting works of art, may be an art, but it is not a science.””.