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The Four and a Half at São João da Figueira da Foz

One of the great bands of the moment in Portugal, they will be one of the headliners of the traditional São João Festivities, which will animate the city in the last half of June, being the 24th of that month the City Day and municipal holiday.

Quatro e Meia is a Portuguese band formed in May 2013 in Coimbra, composed by Tiago Nogueira, Ricardo Liz Almeida, Mário Ferreira, João Cristóvão Rodrigues, Pedro Figueiredo and Rui Marques. The group’s first official concert took place unexpectedly at a ballet soiree at the request of mutual friends. In 2015, the band started a partnership with the agency Primeira Linha and soon after signed an agreement with Sony Music Entertainment, which resulted in the release of two original albums, “Pontos nos Is” in 2017 and “O Tempo Vai Esperar” in 2020, both reaching the top of national sales. In 2022 they participated in the Song Festival with the theme “Tomorrow”.