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The Art of Letters: The Typographies and the Typographers of Figueiredo

As part of its 113th anniversary, which is celebrated on May 1, the Pedro Fernandes Tomás Municipal Public Library, in collaboration with the municipal archives, presents the iconographic and documentary exhibition “The Art of Letters: the printing houses and typographers of Figueiredo [1862-1987] | Moreira Júnior: (re)discovering a graphic artist from Figueiredo”.

This initiative aims to disseminate the product and the art of the various workshops that proliferated in Figueira da Foz from the end of the century. XIX, early century XX, giving visibility and recognition to the latter’s work.
The exhibition highlights the work of the graphic artist from Figueiredo, Augusto Moreira Júnior (1904-1932), author of a vast work in the area, having stood out in drawing, engraving and, conception of several fonts to be marketed with printers. Artifacts and utensils recovered from the premises of his workshop, located in Rua Miguel Bombarda, will be presented.