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Tatá and Totó: Mouse Stories

Grupo Algazarra Marionetas presents “Tatá e Totó: Mouse Stories”

The Municipal Auditorium receives on October 4, World Animal Day, The Cultural Association Marionetas em Algazarra, which will present two sessions (10:30 am and 2:00 pm) of the puppet play “Tatá e Totó: Stories of Mice”, aimed at pre-school children.

The play talks about books, libraries, the importance of reading and listening to stories. We will be able to see and hear the stories “The Country Mouse and the City Mouse” and “The Mouse and the Mousetrap”, stories known to all, where the hero is always a little mouse.

Tatá has found a treasure, which arouses the greed of the other animals. Everyone wants to marry her, but only Nerd appreciates Tatá’s real find: a storybook. Based on stories by Aesop, it ends with a poem by Alberto Caeiro.