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Sleeping Beauty

“Sleeping Beauty” is a ballet in 1 prologue and 2 acts. Full of romance and marked by lyricism, “Sleeping Beauty” represents a great challenge for the dancers, especially in the interpretation of the main character, Princess Aurora, requiring a crystal clear, elegant and fragile academic style.
Tchaikovsky’s music and Marius Petipa’s choreography, in a brilliant symbiosis, have made this piece considered the emblematic work of classical dance.
A grand classical production with incredibly realistic set design elements, stunning costumes and a range of enchanting melodies, make this show a unique moment absolutely not to be missed.

Music: Pyotr Tchaikovsky
Libretto: Ivan Vsevolojsky and Marius Petipa
Choreography: Marius Petipa
Artistic Director: E. Bespalova
Scenography: Classic Stage
Costumes: J. Barska
Duration: 2h20 (with 20 minutes break)