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Curried rice showcooking and other delicacies at the Municipal Market

August 28, 2023
- August 28, 2023
Free entry

Another golden opportunity to learn more about the region’s cuisine and, above all, the famous arroz carolino, the pride of Baixo Mondego and an essential ingredient in Figueira da Foz’s best dishes.

As part of a series of showcookings organized by the Municipality of Figueira da Foz at the Eng. Silva Market, this session of interaction with the public will be hosted by Chef João d’Eça Lima, who will teach how to make some recipes with Figueira da Foz’s arroz carolino and other local products.

João d’Eça Lima is the owner of the Xisto restaurant in Penela “and his passion is, above all, to research and remake old recipes. After this research, without neglecting historical care as this is his basic training, various creations have emerged.”