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Salt Route “The White Gold”

The Salt Route is intended to be an experience on Morraceira Island, where we will have several moments throughout the day:
Yoga class (with Catarina Parente) on the walkways of the Salinas, among the salt cultures.
After a shared lunch (each person brings a sharing), a walking tour of the island, with a TimeOff guide, who will shed light on the art of exploring the salt, fauna and flora characteristic of the place, such as the flamingos that can be seen.
Floating mineral bath in the salt pans of Quinta da Salina do Morro – Natural water from the salt pans, known for its therapeutic properties. Rich in dozens of different minerals and properties important for the health and proper functioning of the body, as well as stress relief and relaxation.
Offer of 20kg package of Salt, extracted from the Salinas, included.

Date: October 2, Sunday
Hours: 11h00 – 18h00
Place: Quinta da Salina do Morro (Morraceira Island, Figueira da Foz)
Registration : Until September 30 (20€, deducted from the total amount).

Information on fees and registration:

11h30- Yoga
12h30 – Shared lunch
14h – Walking tour of the island (with guide)
16h – Floating mineral bath in the salt pan
17h30 – Offering of Salt

Partners: Quinta da Salina do Morro, TimeOff Figueira da Foz, Soul Experience, Fio de Prumo