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One Thousand and One Nights

A production of the cultural association UMCOLECTIVO, from Portalegre, under the decentralized programming of the Teatro Nacional D. Maria II.

One Thousand and One Nights is a long-term civic and artistic project that comprises a set of short radio plays that rescue from oblivion the work of Portuguese women who wrote in the 20th century, professionally and amateurishly.
However, the primary objective of the project is not the inventory/systematization of the life and work of these women. These arise as a poetic consequence of the figure of Xerazade – the woman who escapes death by deceiving a man with stories – here starring the actress and artistic director of the project, Cátia Terrinca, who proposes over a continuous period of a thousand and one nights to lull a still misogynistic society, falling in love with poetry, prose, letters, in short, women’s literature and in Portuguese of the twentieth century.
The whole creative process behind these documents can be considered as a poetic gestation period, of another way of looking at women’s intangible heritage, namely through artistic residencies, researching women’s literary material of anonymous women through the collection and reading of letters, diaries and other documents of everyday literature, as well as the recording of oral heritage data.

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