Living Figueira 12 months a year

My Daughter

Jacinto is a fifty-year-old man whose life has always gone smoothly, until his wife caught him cheating on her. With a great wit and an even greater libido, Jacinto always had all the women at his feet. But from that day on, everything changed…. From one moment to the next, everything went wrong for him: he went from restaurant owner to waiter, from well-off to well-off, from head of the family to single father, and from womanizer to stranded. And this is the greatest of his evils: he has not had a wife for two years. Living with his daughter ever since, Jacinto will do anything to experience one (or more) great love again. And for that, he will try everything. And everything is really everything. Even professional help. Jacinto is far from knowing that the root of all his problems is sleeping under his roof: and it is none other than his daughter.

Performers: Erika Mota, Carlos Cunha, Carla Janeiro, Miguel Ribeiro, Lígia Ferreira