Living Figueira 12 months a year

My Best Friend

“My Best Friend” takes us to the alleys of a typical Portuguese neighborhood and all the adventures we will live there with a fun gang of street cats! Sofia, a woman from another country, now living in the neighborhood, and the couple of dogs – Manjerico and Sardinha, join the gang of cats and will form the most fun and unlikely group of friends ever! Friendship and companionship will be the catalyst of the story. The problems of some will be the problems of all.
Between cats and meows, fados and allies, “My Best Friend” will bring a very Portuguese atmosphere, in a show full of color and joy, brushed by many lively guitars, where the values of friendship and solidarity speak louder, alerting to the problem of abandoned animals and the insertion of those who can be different. A very Portuguese hymn, filled with the most important values of life.