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Love is so Simple

In the original “Present Laughter”, this comedy, written in 1939, celebrates the legendary free spirit of playwright Noël Coward. Widely considered to be the author’s most autobiographical play, it had its premiere in 1942, performed by the author himself.
Guilherme de Andrade is a famous actor with a vast legion of fans, who, attracted by his charm and charisma, turn his house into chaos. The week before he leaves for a tour of Africa, he is forced to deal with his devoted entourage: his secretary, his ex-wife, a young actress in love and full of ambition, an unbalanced aspiring playwright, his best friend’s wife determined to seduce him, his agent, his producer, his butler and his housekeeper.
At the same time, William is plagued by a mid-life crisis, which insists on manifesting itself whenever he looks in the mirror.
“Love is So Simple” is a delightful and timeless comedy that reflects on the role of fame, love and theater itself.
Performances by Diogo Infante, Ana Brito e Cunha, Patrícia Tavares and Rita Salema, among others.
Author: Noël Coward | Translation: Ana Sampaio | Staging: Diogo Infante | Performers: Diogo Infante, Ana Brito e Cunha, Ana Cloe, António Melo, Cristóvão Campos, Flávio Gil, Gabriela Barros, Miguel Raposo, Patrícia Tavares and Rita Salema | Set Design: F. Ribeiro | Light Design: Paulo Sabino | Costumes: José António Tenente | Music: Nuno Rafael and Filipe Melo | Lyrics: Rui Melo | Staging Assistance: Anna Sant’Ana | Show Created in Coproduction with Força de Produção and Teatro da Trindade Inatel.
Duration: 1h45 | M 12 years