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Knowing (a)salty sea

As part of the project “Quinta Ciência Viva do Sal”, the Sundays of July at the Núcleo Museológico do Sal will “Saber (a)mar salgado”. With friends or family you can practice Yoga, Chi Kung and Yoga Nidra and even watch a Handpan concert. Every Sunday in July at 10am.

2 | Yoga for Families

9 | Chi Kung *

16 | Yoga

23 | Yoga for Families

30 | Yoga

* Yoga Nidra + Handpan Concert (17h00)

Parents and children can enjoy moments of play, creativity, playful and pedagogical learning, moments of relaxation and well-being.
Yoga Class / Yoga Nidra | Solange Lima 964443961
Chi Kung Class | Hugo Serrão 932210917
Family Yoga Class | Miriam Silva 915647452