Living Figueira 12 months a year

Impossible Live: Magic with Luís de Matos and Guests

The magic show “Luis de Matos IMPOSSÍVEL Ao Vivo” will pass through four Portuguese stages in 2023, with the CAE of Figueira da Foz included in this tour.

Luis de Matos is the most awarded Portuguese magician, distinguished three times by the Academy of Magical Arts in Hollywood, and the youngest in history to receive the Devant Award, from The Magic Circle, among many other distinctions.
Accompanied by Joana Almeida, dancer and assistant, and the Momentum Crew, world break-dance champions, Luis de Matos will have four of the world’s greatest magicians at his side, “with the best of each one enriching an unforgettable experience”.
From France, the queen of “quick change”, Léa Kyle; from Belgium, the reigning World Champion of Magic, Laurent Piron; from Venezuela, the explosive new talent to talk about, Winston Fuenmayor and from Australia, the master of physical theater, Raymond Crowe.

More information here: Luís de Matos IMPOSSIBLE Live