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Illustration: Retrospective of João Vaz de Carvalho

The children’s book publisher Bruaá and CAE invite you to visit the illustration exhibition by João Vaz de Carvalho that will be until May 14, in the Illustration Exhibition Room.
The artist was born in Fundão in 1958. In the early 1980s he worked in the workshop of Master Vasco Berardo in Coimbra. Later, already in Lisbon, he dedicated himself exclusively, first to painting and then also to illustration. Since then he has participated in dozens of solo and group exhibitions, working with several art galleries. At the same time, as an illustrator, he has collaborated with several Portuguese press titles and illustrated dozens of books that are published in Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Switzerland, England, Brazil, China and South Korea. He has participated in numerous reference exhibitions, in Portugal and abroad. He has carried out projects in different areas, ranging from ceramics to puppet design. His work has won dozens of national and international awards, including: 1st Ilustrarte Award 2005, Portugal; 1st Tapirulan Award 2011, Italy; 1st World Press Cartoon Award 2011, Portugal; Communication Arts Award of Excellence 2012, USA; White Ravens 2013, Germany; Grand Prix of The Golden Pen of Belgrade Award, 2013, Serbia; 3×3 Proshow (various), USA; Creative Quarterly (various), USA; Hiii Illustration Jury Award 2016, China; Fine Work Prize, JIA-Japan Illustration Award, 2017 Japan; Winner Applied Arts Photography & Illustration 2018, Canada; Honorary Mention Award, GIA-Global Illustration Award, China.