Living Figueira 12 months a year

I Have Never Seen a Helicopter Explode

In a house in the countryside, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, a man and a woman have to write a play together. What in everyday life they would not dare to say to each other fuels the writing, blurring boundaries between fantasy and reality.
On stage, filmed people evoke perplexities and question the actors. And the marital dialogue, comic or simply cruel, is redeemed in a creative routine brought about by the move from the city to the village.
Which couple will this be, anyway? What do new neighbors and even friends from the past see in him? Where do these men and women belong: the village where they met again or the city where they met? And how can they write about it together, two people with such different creative impulses and working methods, she who writes to say what she thinks, he who writes to realize what he feels?
A reflection on the evolution of a marriage, the rivalries over which it can be fought, the desires and frustrations at stake; the creative gesture, its different methods and engines and the measure of conciliation to which it is possible to aspire; the challenges of an epidemic unique in over a hundred years and the vertigo of what we have called the global village.
Theater, cinema, radio, television, internet, here is a show that crosses all these languages.
Text: Catarina Ferreira de Almeida and Joel Neto
Staging: Luisa Pinto and António Durães
Acting: António Durães, Maria Quintelas, Rui de Noronha Ozorio, Luisa Pinto, Constança Antunes and the special participation of the Journalist Fernando Alves
Chronicles SINAIS (TSF): Texts: Fernando Alves, Photographs: Paulo Pimenta
Music: Luis Bettencourt
Scenic space: Luisa Pinto
Costumes: Collective composition
Creation and operation Video: Rui Carvalho
Light: Mariana Figueroa
Stage photography: Paulo Pimenta
Production assistant: Constança Antunes
Support: TSF
Co-production: Narrativensaio-AC, Casa das Artes de Famalicão and Angra do Heroísmo City Council
Duration: 1h30
Tickets on sale at CAE and Ticketline