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Home Sweet Home

The show that brought Joaquim Monchique and Maria Rueff together on stage for the first time is back for a new season.
Two elderly women who share a room at the Antúrios Dourados Senior Residence embark on an unbridled competition for a private room after the “departure” of its previous occupant.
With the comic brilliance to which they have already accustomed us, Maria Rueff and Joaquim Monchique unfold in multiple characters and take us on a troubled and hilarious journey through the four corners of this sweet home.
“Home Sweet Home” originally premiered in 2012. With a vibrant text, reinforced by the vivacity and intelligence of Rueff and Monchique’s interpretations, it quickly achieved a great success with the public that would be repeated in 2015.
This year the doors of the Antúrios Dourados Residence open once again and offer another opportunity to witness, live, the enormous talent of two absolutely unavoidable names of national comedy.

Text: From “What Matters Is That They Are Happy!” by Luísa Costa Gomes
Staging: António Pires | Set Design: F. Ribeiro | Costumes: Dino Alves | Light Design: Paulo Sabino