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“Happiness at the End of the World”

Launch of Gonçalo Cadilhe’s latest book. The traveler-author launches himself for the first time in fiction, with “an original and surprising creation that counts on the collaboration of his son, António Cadilhe”. The work was written “thinking of small readers, but without forgetting all the others, Gonçalo Cadilhe gave birth to a book capable of conquering several age groups. If there are readings that were born to be shared as a family, this is one of them; and if books have superpowers, which they do, being able to transport us as if by magic to distant places is one of them”.

Starring a grandfather and grandson, Happiness at the End of the World “tells a travel story full of adventure, tenderness and fantasy, with an apotheotic ending. From Portugal to Australia, passing through places as beautiful and exotic as Venice, Victoria Falls, the Grand Canyon, New York or Easter Island, Rafa, in the company of his dog and grandfather, experiences extraordinary adventures and realizes what it really means to be a traveler “.