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Cláudia Fonseca was born in Rio de Janeiro, but has her roots in northeastern Brazil and her storytelling voice comes from there. She has lived in Portugal since 1992, where she became a psychotherapist and oral narrator. Co-founder and president of Contabandista de Estórias Cultural Association. Researcher at IELT – Institute for Traditional Literature Studies, she is preparing her PhD in Cultural Studies at the New University of Lisbon, working between psychoanalysis and narration.

She shares her professional life between clinical practice, narration and research, developing numerous activities in the field of oral narration, reading mediation and cultural programming, in very diverse contexts. He regularly participates in meetings and festivals, both inside and outside Portugal. She brings with her stories from many places and times: traditional and authored tales, songs, family stories and cases she has heard are mixed in her repertoire and in her speech.