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Cultural Act

Acto Cultural, premiered in 1976, is a tragicomedy by Venezuelan author Ignacio Cabrujas. The play exposes the cultural activity of a society that aims to promote culture in its city and decides to present a theater show entitled “Christopher Columbus, the Hallucinated Genoese”.
It turns out that, as the action unfolds and the show unfolds within the play, the actors, characters in the play, end up confusing their own lives with the lives of the characters they are playing, leading the show to fail and also leading them to question their own existences as well as confessing why they are dedicated to the cultural cause.
13 January – 21:30
14 January – 21:30
15 January – 16:00
Staging – Emanuel Rodrigues
Interpretation- Gabriela Méndez l Ismael Calliano l Mário Moutinho l Marta Rosas l Ni Fernandes
Scenography, props and costumes- Rui Azevedo
Light Design – Luís Ternus
Graphic Design – Nuno Filipe Ferreira
Production – Emanuel Rodrigues
Accounting – Natércia Gonçalves
Co-production with Apuro – Cultural and Philanthropic Association; a partnership Dez de Agosto and Lions Club of Figueira da Foz
Project funded by the Directorate-General for the Arts