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Compassion – Polygraphic Writings

To visit, in Room 2 of CAE, the exhibition “Compassion – Polygraphic Writings”, curated by the poet, polyartist and researcher Feliciano de Mira. The show features experimental writing and disciplinary crossovers by artists who use different languages in their creative expression.
According to the information note, “In the times we live in, human values seem to require new learning and consideration, so we invited these artists to express their reflections on the concept of Compassion and its meaning in today’s world.
These Polygraphic Writings present works that relate the proximity between poetry and visual arts, enabling dialogues between artistic languages, while portraying the hybridity at the borders between literature and the plastic arts, through Arabic calligraphy, visual poetry, poetic objects, conceptual poetry, pictograms on canvas, typography and digital art “.

Organization and co-production: Municipality of Figueira da Foz | Arts and Entertainment Centre | Invencionarium Association | Oficina do Espírito
Artists: Almandrade (Brazil) | Caetano Dias (Brazil) | Dona Mayoora (India/USA)
Enzo Patti (Italy) | Feliciano de Mira (Portugal) | Fernando Aguiar (Portugal) | Isabel Murteira (Portugal) | Jorge dos Reis (Portugal) | Manuel Casa Branca (Portugal) | Hakou (Algeria) | John McConnochie (Australia) | May Bery (Lebanon/Canada) | Muhammad Shehzad Majeed (Pakistan) | Nieves Salvador Bayarri (Spain) | Roberto Artemio Iglesias (Cuba) | Robin Tomens (United Kingdom)