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CLOSE, by Lukas Dhont

FRIDAY | MAY 26 | 21H30 | ENTRY: €4.00

Winner of the Grand Jury Prize at the 2022 Cannes Film Festival, “Close” is a deeply moving film about adolescence, friendship and the responsibility of affections. This is the story of Léo and Rémi, two 13-year-old friends who are very close and who spend their summer vacations together in the innocent intimacy befitting their age. However, when the school year begins, their friendship is put to the test when their relationship is the target of derogatory and prejudiced comments from their classmates. In an attempt to avoid these intrusive and negative remarks, Léo moves away from Rémi but, when Rémi disappears, Léo approaches Rémi’s mother, Sophie.

Awards: Grand Jury Prize Cannes Film Festival 2022; Best Film Palic Film Festival 2022; Best Film Sydney Film Festival 2022. Oscars 2023 – Best International Film nomination.

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