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Cantigas de Maio in Cunhas

EmCantos – Innovation and Traditions Association carries out a cultural day, Cantigas de Maio, in the village of Cunhas (Moinhos da Gândara), with the concert “JotaCantarola”, marking Children’s Day, which was celebrated on the 1st. “This is the project that brings together the musician Cláudio Mateus and his children, giving shape to a set of original songs aimed at children and youth. From the intersection of the musical world and the musician’s experience with themes from the children’s imagination, a sound is born that we feel like calling “children’s indie folk””. To mark the release of their debut album, “Pedais, caturras e canções”, the project presents itself for the first time in concert, with the participation of Tomé Silva and Daniel Fonseca.
The two-day program of Cantigas de Maio meets the little ones, but with a very eclectic program and on several stages and in addition to music there are exhibitors and local artisans, in a craft fair.