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“Corpo Manso – Loucura Branda”. Poetry in the Library

August 25, 2023
- August 25, 2023
Free entry, subject to room capacity.

The Municipal Library Pedro Fernandes Tomás receives the author Elisabeth Morão, for a presentation session of the book “Corpo Manso – Loucura Branda”, in which the writer Nuno Camarneiro, LeYa 2012 award, will participate.

“How can we get rid of a body or hide its spoils in abuse, torture or ecstasy? How can we strip off the shell of flesh, where emotions, voices and verses no longer fit?
Thus arises this Soft Body Soft Madness, which comes to contain all this and give us back the living body. It’s a box that fits loves, dislikes, likes and dislikes”
. The work has a preface by the writer Manuel da Silva Ramos, illustrations by Sebastião Pimenta and Mercês Matos Branco and a cover by Fabrizio Matos.

Elisabeth Morão is a teacher at the Afonso de Albuquerque Secondary School (ESAAG), writes poetry and has already published the works “Emoções” and “Homem Maior”. It is also known as Betty Blue. The pseudonym was born out of a need to distance her profession as an English and French teacher from her passion as a poet, as she calls herself. Author of several books, she explains that poetry and its rhythm are a way of organizing thought: “Poetry is intrinsically linked to my way of experiencing emotions and that’s where I get my inspiration, I let myself be carried away by what I feel, the pulse of people.”she explains.

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