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The folk band Baluarte presents its first CD, Gente Boa, based on traditional Portuguese music, seven years after starting a brilliant career, based on elements of EmCantos – Association of Innovation and Traditions, from the village of Cunhas, in Moinhos da Gândara (Figueira da Foz). The show will feature special surprise guests. There are four instrumentalists (Tiago Cordeiro, Vasco Travassos, Jorge Ventura and Rafael Silva) and two voices (Sara Travassos and Cláudio Dias), “always with the purpose of making tradition new. The trad-folk sound, is dressed by them with traditional base instruments and afadistadas voices”.

Tickets on sale at the venue and on the following websites:
Retrosaria BOTÃO Mágico (Montemor-o-Velho)
Stationery Bento Rosa Bento (Montemor-o-Velho)
Mini-market “A Ilha” (Ereira)
Parish Council of Moinhos da Gândara
EmCantos – Innovation and Traditions Association (Cunhas)