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Átona Fest Open Air in Morraceira

ÁTONA is a small festival that was born in Barreiro and aims to give space and visibility to emerging rock bands, opening gaps and giving opportunities for experiences and experiments, which can only be felt live… by the bands and the public. This second edition will be held in Figueira da Foz, as a result of the partnership with DRAC – Direito de Resposta Associação Cultural.

In this second edition, 4 national bands are coming to ÁTONA:

// WILDCHAINS || Video:
Wildchains are an independent underground rock band from Braga, formed in early 2021.Their type of sound is characterized by fusing various rock influences, from classic to modern, resulting, sonically, in a diverse rock. In addition to their signature sound, Wildchains also includes personal lyrics and interactive concerts.
Extended Puppy is a band from Margem Sul, Portugal. The project started in 2019 with solo recordings and compositions (and also with some collaborations) by Filipe Facundo, but always with the goal of building a band. In 2022 they join: João Laranjo, Martim Falcão and Jorge Santos. Friends and friends of friends are now Extended Puppy. They already have several songs released, the most recent being called “Wanted”.
// MÁ VIZINHANÇA || Video:
Má Vizinhança are a rock band, proudly in Portuguese. Its history is closely intertwined with the journey of rapper Kyra, who, driven by the desire to perform on stage accompanied by instrumentalists, ends up bringing together all the members of the band. Between socializing and rehearsals, the desire to explore other musical styles also arises naturally. Thus, born from a dirty but cherished garage, a musical project emerges whose purpose is to take the public on a journey. The band already has three singles – “JADE”, “À MINHA ESPERA” and “PASSAPORTE UCRANIANO” released in 2021. In 2022 they promise concerts and more music. The band is based on the south bank of the Tagus and formed by: Kyra (vocals), João Messias (drums), Nelson Lança (bass), Miguel Valente (guitar) and Tiago Andrade (guitar).
// TREEWAX || Video:
Treewax are an alternative rock band from Porto. Born in 2019, it consists of this powerful trio: Gonçalo Ferreira (guitar and voice), Gustavo Ribeiro (bass) and Francisco Amado (drums). They have already released an EP: “Sweet Memories”.