Living Figueira 12 months a year

Anniversary of Sociedade Filarmónica Dez de Agosto

Anniversary session transformed into RECOGNITION SESSION RECOGNITION to the following Individuals and Legal Persons who greatly help or have helped the daily life and functioning of DEZ DE AGOSTO and implicitly support the culture and traditions of Figueiredo. And they are as follows:

ANTÓNIO RAFAEL, President of the Association of Collectivities of the Municipality of Figueira;

AS PERSONAGENS– Theatrical group installed at DEZ DE AGOSTO;

EmCANTOS of the Association of Innovation and Traditions and to which the QUÓRUM and BALUARTE groups are linked, among others;

MAGENTA, Association of Artists for Art;

SÍLVIA ATAÍDE, President of the Rotary Club of Figueira;


ZÉ CARLOS, three-dimensional caricaturist;

– and, posthumously, MARIO DE OLIVEIRA RODRIGUES, one of the oldest members and who will be an eternal reference in passion for DEZ DE AGOSTO.

There is also a thank you to the “VOLUNTEERING” with the TEN OF AUGUST. We will also pay tribute to one of the oldest musicians of the old Philharmonic formation DEZ DE AGOSTO.

At the end of this RECOGNITION/ANNIVERSARY SESSION there will be another MONDEGO SERENADE with Fado from Lisbon and the voice of ADELAIDE SOFIA. Painters from MAGENTA will perform “live painting” during this session.